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TACS Title Software

With over 360 installations and thousands of users of its Title & Abstract Control System (TACS) in New York State, Magram Computer Services is now recognized as the pre-eminent leader in software development and services for New York State Title Insurance agents. By providing a function rich solution to the wide array of dynamic requirements of its clients, MCS provides a substantial foundation. Then, recognizing that a system managing the business of New York title agents cannot simply come as a CD and a manual in a shrink wrapped box, we then build on that foundation by doing what none of our competitors do: we provide limitless customization, modification and consultation services to fit the program to any and all unique requirements of the agent. The result is a fundamental MCS policy of molding computer systems to the policies and services of the client, rather than requiring the client to change its business to conform to the computer system. hud1


Complete agency production function (report, policy, cookie cutter correspondence). The system figures rates including mortgage and transfer taxes and mansion taxes.

A quick rate calculator.

A Recording system to track items to be recorded. A report is generated to go out with documents and another to specify items not recorded.

Automate your Inventory List.

A Former Plant system to catalog data existing prior to the installation of TACS. The primary purpose is to determine if you've been, on, a particular property and to provide all necessary detail.

A Closing Scheduler.

A series of management reports including a Client Activity report providing application activity by client, sales person, underwriter or any combination.

A comprehensive Bookkeeping function. Its primary purpose is to:
1. Control the breakdown process and suggest account transfers. The system will also accomplish these transfers and export the deposit and check transactions to QuickBooks.
2. Report which recording and escrow checks should be written and when.
3. Write, not to exceed, blank checks and export the transactions to the QuickBooks check register as printed checks. Checks can be written in the aggregate (especially for ACRIS submissions) or separate as needed.
4. Control collection overages (or insufficient collections) and transfer to Operating.
5. Comprehensive financial reporting enabling full audit readiness.

Generate the Remittance Report by simply specifying the month and year of the report and clicking Print.

Direct fax, email and other print options including Word Connect, the ability to bring up documents in Microsoft Word for final revisions.

Word Connect Plus, a separately priced feature enabling agencies to create their own Word documents with placeholders for any of hundreds of TACS data elements and to print with a mouse click.

A status subsystem to track files from application to post-closing activity. The system tracks all items for which the agency is dependent on third parties to provide. It includes a full chronology of events for the file.

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