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EZ Doc Filer

EZ Doc Filer allows documents to be scanned into a database-managed system. From there, the documents are stored on your server while integrating with your existing database application. This allows documents to have different search criteria catering to each company's needs. EZ Doc Filer can be customized to accept files from several locations for your company's convenience, such as email, fax, or a directory of files from your system. It can also deliver files to and from EZ Doc Filer via email, fax or have the documents posted to the web.

EZ Doc Filer provides for:

Less time finding, retrieving, and copying documents.
Less storage and filing space reduces rent.
Security measures gives file access to specific users.
Improve customer service by quickly retrieving documents.

Electronic Document Management is the effiecient method of using your computer and network control workflow of all office documents, including how and when documents are created, reviewed, published, utilized, revised and destroyed. The document management system will not only store your documents but will also provide you with easy and secure access, whether it be from your main office work station, your home office, or any tropical island that happens to have an internet connection.