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Digital Auto Closer

Digital Auto Closer is a complete transaction management system for auto sales professionals. Creating all of your DMV forms is as easy as pressing a button and keeping track of your inventory has never been easier! hud1

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Automate all of your Closing Documents
Automate your Drive Out Forms
Automate your Customer Bills/Invoices
Automate your Inventory List
Verify VIN Numbers
Organize your Photos

Track all of your Sales and Commissions
Track all of your Vehicle Expenses
Tickler System
Messaging System
Electronic Document Delivery
Conversation Log
and many more..........

Adding your own custom MS Word documents is easy with just a click of a button and because we use MS Word as our underlying word processing system all of your documents are able to be edited as you normally would. Of course Digital Auto Closer allows you to convert them to a PDF format before e-mailing them out, which here again, is accomplished with just a click of a button.